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FINE ARTS (BA Honors) Interior Designing

  • Interior Designing Admission

    Our interior designer course focuses on teaching students on appropriate use of space, architecture and design to build feasible environment that more attractive, comfortable and ultimately more sustainable. We have qualified faculty and experienced professionals on board who combine concepts of both architecture and creative design to form the base of interior design. Not only do we handle topics of art in design and architecture of rooms and built environment, we also cover topics like furniture design, product design, coloring techniques and anything that adds to the style and usability of built environment.

    Course Duration:

    3 years full time on campus

    The course is divided as follows:

    1st year – Foundation -

    This one year foundation course prepares participants for entry into the two year creative undergraduate programs.

    2nd and 3rd years:

    Ppractical hands on training or internship that will improve their critical independent thinking, develop their skills in a real time environment.


    Arts and graphics, understanding structures and design, analytical drawing, anthropology and ergonomics, CAD and 3D visualizations, décor and planning, retail display.

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