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At the time of entering the PUC, that is after completing your high school, it is worthwhile to seek answers for: what are you good at, in the natural sense? what form your key strengths? what is your inherent aptitude? Once you are through with clear answers and are sure of your true potential, then you can proceed to choose the stream of your choice by enrolling in one of the best colleges in Bangalore for PUC.

Course Overview

Among the many great combinations that go well with commerce, Mathematics is one among them and would surely add value to your knowledge of commerce-related subjects such as Economics, Business studies, and Accountancy. The importance of basic mathematics, including its concepts and models, is inseparable in today’s business and financial world. Commercially, the organizations utilise mathematics in financial accounting, inventory management, marketing trends, research, sales forecasting, and financial analysis.

On the negative side, the handicaps of not having maths in PUC are also many. Firstly, you may not be able to grasp the financial analysis aspects which involve maths command. You may find inconvenience in understanding business intelligence, data mining, data warehousing and such concepts. You may find the process of financial planning, financial forecasting, budgeting and such concepts a bit tedious due to a lack of mathematical knowledge as well.

Moreover, with the rapid advancement in information technology and the gradual emergence of new startups, mathematics in the commerce stream has earned immense acceptance. Commerce professionals with interests in the finance/banking sector or those who wish to master courses like CFA/CA/CS have realised long back that it pays to know basic maths earlier on in their academic journey.

So if you have decided on learning Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy from the apex among the colleges in Bangalore for PUC, know that you can hone in on what inspires you the most and ready yourself for a myriad of career options in the next few years after graduation and professional formative courses. On a side note, a very important one, to culminate this academic juncture by studying at one of the top PU colleges in Bangalore - Tapasya.

Course Overview

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The PUC (MEBA) is designed to arm you with the necessary knowledge of mathematics (including, but not limited to, elementary arithmetic, elementary algebra, statistics and probability) and its usefulness in commerce studies. At the end of two years, you will be well versed with essential accountancy, get an insight into business functions, and develop your aptitude for recording and managing financial transactions.

You will also explore basic economics concepts and their role in modern businesses as well as world markets. The two years spent at Tapasya, one of the best colleges in Bangalore for PUC, would initiate the perfect trajectory for your progression into higher studies. What's more, you will feel confident in making a smooth transition from pre-university to university, to pursue your chosen course in a stream that meets your requirements.


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  • best meba college in Banglore

    Innovative learning methodologies, beneficial industry linkages and close collaboration with the corporate world enable a unique learning experience

  • best meba college in Banglore

    Truly world-class education. Learn and develop inter-personal skills with top-rated faculty members who are experts in their chosen subjects

  • best meba college in Banglore

    Continuous student engagement, through practical assignments as well as personality building events such as inter college olympiads, national level quiz, debates and workshops, bring out the best in each student

  • best meba college in Banglore

    Pleasant campus ambience with finest of sports and recreational facilities add to the joy of learning in the top colleges for commerce

  • best meba college in Banglore

    After PU college, an opportunity for Graduation + Professional courses under one roof at Tapasya


The knowledge of mathematics vis-a-vis a commerce-oriented course like MEBA has multifold uses in business management. As financial decisions are based on probability, mathematical techniques learned at one of the top PU colleges in Bangalore, like Tapasya, help the career seeker in commerce to be useful in organizations by effectively applying this knowledge. From knowledge of how business organisations record and handle business operations to managing financial accounts and commercial commerce, PUC (MEBA) offers a lot of opportunities. You can opt for B.Com and BBA as part of your graduation program and also pursue CA, CS, ICWA/CMA, CFA professional courses in later years.