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FINE ARTS (BA Honors) Fashion Designing

  • Fashion Designing Admission

    Students at Tapasya imbibe the knowledge and skills from our talented faculty of professional designs who inspire aspirants to pursue excellence in a highly creative hands-on environment. At Tapasya diverse practices meet and inspiration in this course day after day. We pay attention to students who have an eye for detail, understand design and patterns and help them realize their potential to obtain the best outcome. Our academic curriculum is crafted by experts – 2 specializations (Fashion Design, Interior Design), experienced Faculty hailing from some of the top schools. With world-class infrastructure and placement opportunities with the renowned industry names there are an increasing number of students inclined to explore their artistic side.

    Course Duration:

    3 years full time on campus

    The course is divided as follows:

    1st year – Foundation -

    This one year foundation course prepares participants for entry into the two year creative undergraduate programs.

    2nd and 3rd years:

    Practical hands on training that will improve their critical independent thinking, develop their skills and hone their true passion.


    Pattern making and draping, Computer aided design, apparel development, Dyeing and printing, textile manufacturing and sciences, Understanding colors, accessories, marketing.

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